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The best refillable perfume bottle

You know the struggle, you had a long day at work, and now you have to go to a meeting with an important client. You cant go to your house in between and your morning perfume has faded away. You notice that you dont smell very fresh anymore, so what now? Some people bring their big perfume bottles in their bags but it isn’t practical at all. Thats why we invented te Parfum2Go which is the best refillable perfume bottle on the market right now. Other refillable perfume bottles are bad quality or cost a lot of money. We created a high quality refillable perfume bottle which is not expensive at all! It fits perfectly in your pockey or bag and is available in almost every colour.


Want to travel with a refillable perfume spray?

When you are going on a trip and want to bring your perfume with you in the plane the Parfum2Go is perfect too. It is a small refillable perfume bottle so you are allowed to take it with you on the plane.

How fast can you get your Parfum2Go?
So, a lot of reasons to buy your Parfum2Go right now and have the best refillable perfume bottle within 2 weeks of ordering!
The shipping takes a maximum of 2 weeks depending on where you live, if you live in europa the refillable parfum spray will be on your doormat within 1 week!  Take a look on our page and see the different colours we have!


Be yourself. Smell well!

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Buy your refillable perfume bottle right now!


We're a small business that provides refillable Parfume dispensers. Our business is grounded from an idea at school, but the six of us made it something real.

From left to right: Daan, Sam, Maarten, Demi, Tup and Brian.

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How does it work?

Imagine having your favorite parfume always in your pocket. This is it. Fill the bottle with your favorite parfume and put it in your pocket. Now you'll never forget!

To spare you all the reading work, watch the video and see how it works:

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Looking for a Promotional gift for your company? This is it. We're not only here for consumers, but we can customize the Parfum2go to all your wishes. 

Imagine the consumers to always have your Brand in their pocket. Genius right? 

For an example, look right:


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